Do you have a new listing that you’re about to put up onto the MLS ready for marketing it? Something to keep in mind is that the photographs that you post in the listing could be the make or break when it comes to capturing the interest of potential buyers. You can choose to take the photos on yourself but it’s a probably a good idea to hire a professional real estate photographer, and here are a few reasons why…

1. Buyers Tend to Start Their Home Search on the Internet 

Now that the Internet has got much faster and is accessible to more people at a moment’s notice (via their smart phones), the number of people looking for homes online has increased tremendously over the past 5 or 6 years. These days smartphones and tablets can display video and images just as well as when you’re looking at them on your laptop or desktop computer. So, when people decide to move home, their first stop is the internet…even before they make contact with a real estate agent.

Also, keep in mind, when people search for a home, there’s also a good chance that they may have a home to sell, so if they’re impressed with the quality of your listing, they may just get in touch to ask you to become their listing agent.

A professional real estate photographer is going to help you create a great first impression for you and the property that you are listing.  Keep in mind that the Internet means competition is going to be stiff for any property that is listed, so you really are competing for the attention from any would be buyers. A lot of prospective buyers won’t even look at properties that don’t have photographs, so not only do you need to add photographs, you need to add photos that present the property in the best light. The quality of of your listing photos could be the difference on whether you get a lot of interest in a property or not. If you want the listing to get noticed, professional real estate photography is the answer.

2. Images from Professional Real Estate Photography Company Can Increase Interest 

A professional real estate photography companywill know the best angles to capture the important aspects of each home. They know it’s important to present a home as being spacious and light (without misrepresenting the property itself). It’s all about getting the initial interest, and then having the prospective buyer want to see the property in person.

Photographs are really just one aspect of showcasing a home, and a lot of real estate photography companies, like ourselves, offer indoor and aerial real estate photography and video and Matterport 3D Virtual Toursof homes. A virtual walkthrough of a property allows the prospective buyer to ‘walk through’ the home from the comfort of their own living room.  Show buyers properties that you’ve marketed with professional photography, video and virtual tours can be an impressive marketing tool that persuades sellers to list with you. We’ve had many real estate agents tell us this is one of the main reasons why they were chosen as the listing agent.

(Note:3D virtual tours are a great way to filter out the time wasters who have no real interest in buying the house and just want to look around. They can do this on the Internet instead of scheduling a visit and making the homeowners leave while they look around.)

3. A Real Estate Photographer Company Really is an Investment for You 

You might only think about the fact that hiring a professional real estate photography companyis going to cost you money – which is true. But there is a big difference in spending money and investing money, and hiring a professional and competent real estate photographer is going to be a huge investment for you. The reason why it takes an experienced photographer a long time to shoot a home, it’s because they’re taking pictures of various angles of each room and trying to capture what not only represents the room well, but also images that create the illusion of space and light. You, as the real estate agent, but see an angle that you like, but it doesn’t necessarily mean searchers online are going to like the same thing that you see. A professional real estate photographer usually has a lot of experience and is able to capture the angles that the vast majority of online buyers are going to want to look at before deciding whether or not to contact the agent. A professional real estate photographer is able to look beyond the actual staging of a room and capture the floor, walls and ceilings in the right perspectives to give each room its best impression.

The reputation of a professional real estate photographer stands on the quality of the images that they provide, so it’s in their best interest to provide you with the best service, which includes both high-quality real estate photography and videography, and delivery of those services quickly. If you would like to know more about our real estate photography company, and our videography and virtual tour services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (239) 214-2614.