Many real estate agents make the mistake of thinking that paying for professional photography when selling a home is only done to save them time or to make the house look better. While both of those reasons are valid, they’re not the only reasons why you, as a professional real estate agent, should always be using high-quality professional photographs for your listings. In this article, we will discuss what else professional real estate photography can do for you.

Professional Real Estate Photography Shows Your Customers That You Care About The Details

One of the most important things customers care about when looking for a real estate agent is details. They want to know that you will sell their property in the same manner as you would your own, with complete attention to all fine details. However, not every real estate agent or broker does this, which is where the importance of real estate photography comes into play. Using professional photographs on your listings shows sellers that their properties are being treated as if you are making this task a priority and you are willing to invest money to make sure that you sell their home. Agents who are not confident about recouping their photography investments from the commission they earn when selling the home will tend to hedge their bets and spend as little money as possible when marketing a home. Show your sellers that you have confidence in your ability to sell their homes by investing in professional photography.

Professional Real Estate Photography Will Make You Stand Out From The Competition

Unless someone personally knows a real estate agent, they will tend to do their homework and research before choosing an agent to help them sell their homes. Not only will they want to know about their reputation, but they will also want to know about their past sales. How quickly they sold the homes and how were they presented. Professional photography will probably help you sell homes a lot quicker, thus reducing your average sales time. A 2019 Redfin study found that professionally photographed homes were 20% more likely to sell than homes that had no photographs or poor quality photographs.

When a potential client researches your past sales, not only will they want to know the price of the homes that you sold and how quickly you sold them, they are also going to want to know how they were presented online. When comparing your listings that are beautifully illustrated with great-looking photographs (and possibly a professional video tour) to your competitors’ listing with pictures that were taken on their smartphones, who do you think they’re going to choose to sell their home? Of course, with all other things being equal, they’re going to choose you.

So, in summary, when you are considering paying for professional real estate photographs, don’t just think that it’s an investment for you to sell an individual home, but think of it as an investment in yourself and your business. As a result, you will get to sell homes quicker. In addition, you will become more trusted by your clients, and you’re going to be able to compete favorably against those agents who don’t pay for professional real estate photography.