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Often we get to newly listed home to photograph or video it and we find that the home hasn’t been properly prepared. Although we’re not adversed to moving things around to get the best possible shots, you have to remember we only have a limited amount of time we can stay on one job without charging more money. So the more time we spend moving things, the less time we have to photograph the home and it could result in rushed shots, which may not necessarily be the best possible shots. One way you, the real estate agent can help us, is to get your client to prepare the home in advance. Below you will find a video that gives some great advice on preparing a home before a having it photographed or video. 

Help us to help get you the best possible media so you can present your clients homes in the best possible light by passing on this helpful advice.

98 percent of buyers first impression of a property is through photos and or video. In today’s competitive real estate market, buyers need to take the proper steps to prepare their house to show it in the best possible light.

  • The first bit of advice we offer is make sure to remove vehicles from the driveway and bring garbage cans inside your garage.
  • Their lawns should be well manicured. Leaves raked and snow on the pathways removed. Properly roll up and store hoses and sprinklers.
  • The home’s backyard need to look presentable as well. Straighten patio furniture put away lawn tools, dog chains, ties, kennels and toys.
  • Grills should be properly covered or cleaned.
  • Potted plants should be healthy and neatly arranged or removed.
  • Straighten all outdoor mats and sweep debris from the patio or deck.

Buyers want to envision your property as their own. Therefore as we move into your home it’s important to minimize the amount of personal effects and clutter throughout.

  • Kitchens deserve special attention. Counters need to be free from all personal effects, food and extra cooking clutter. Clean and wipe down counters spaces.
  • Remove personal photographs, calendars, notes, cards and other magnets from the refrigerator doors.
  • Remove all dishes from the sink and put away all dish cleaning supplies. Put away extra appliances to free your counter space.
  • Preferably your pets would not be present at the time of filming. If it’s not possible to temporarily remove them from the property, please keep your pets safely confined in their kennel or in the garage. Remove their waste from your backyard, toys, food bowls, leashes, dog beds and other pet items from view of potential buyers.
  • In your living room, dining, family, entertainment and common rooms it’s important the rooms look inviting clean and clutter free.
  • Remove books, magazines, tissue boxes, remote controls, toys, photo frames or unnecessary decorative items that may be distracting.
  • Fold or remove blankets, arrange furniture cushions properly.
  • Dust electronic appliances.
  • Straighten and wipe down your blinds.
  • Roll up extra cabling and cords.
  • In the bedrooms remove all personal items and clutter from the nightstand and dressers. All beds should be made and tidy. Remove all laundry, trash cans and distracting items from the room to create more open space.
  • Dust all ceiling fans furniture and blinds.
  • Clear bathroom counters of all personal toiletries, hairstyling tools and hygiene items including toothbrush holders and soap pumps. Showers and bathtubs should be cleared of all personal products as well. Close toilet lids and replace toilet paper rolls. Towels should be clean and straightened.
  • Straighten and bath mats and rugs. Wipe clean sinks counters, mirrors, toilets, shower curtains, doors and bathtubs.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas of the house and furniture, if there’s pet fur. Sweep and mop all hard or laminate floors. Empty and remove all trash cans.

The final step is turning on all the lights in the house. Change out any light bulbs that are dim or burned out. Make sure to turn on even the smaller lamps. Turn on the light above the stove or under the microwave.

If there are any special features, unique spaces or hidden or difficult rooms to find, you should notify the photographer in advance. Typically garages attics storage spaces and closets are not photographed or filmed unless specifically requested.

Remember that potential buyers will likely review your photos and video even after a traditional showing, and possibly share them with friends or family. Your hard work will pay off since quality photos and video aid in the final decision making process. Remember, the goal is to attract more qualified buyers with less disruption from those who are just curious.

Hopefully we’ve been able to give you some helpful tips to help make sure your next listing looks its best when it’s being photographed.