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Who Are We?

Alchemy Digital Media small family-run photography and videography company based on the east side of Fort Myers, FL. Our skills in the different areas of photography and videography shooting and editing has enabled us to create a process that allows us to do everything in-house, and therefore enables us to over our services at a price point that’s attractive to both brokerages and individual agents.

Over the last year we’ve also invested in the world renowned Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, which has really helped our clients’ listings stand out. With every virtual tour that we create we also include a FREE 2D floorpan so it’s easy for prospective buyers to see the layout of a home at a glance.  Our goal is to become one of the trusted tools of as many real estate agents in Southwest Florida as we can by providing a valuable service that helps them to sell more properties – and fast!

Alchemy offers a wide range of services and tools that allow us to service both large franchised brokerages, and the smaller boutique brokerages equally as well, and we’re sure that once you try our services once, you will probably want to provide the Alchemy touch to all your future listings.

Area We Serve

Do You Really Need to Hire a Professional Photographer

Well the answer to this question depends on how you want prospective buyers to see you. If you want them to see you as a consummate professional who is going to the best job possible for them, then you really should invest in getting the best job done when it comes to your real estate photography and videography.

These days, everyone sees themselves as photographers, because they are experienced in taking selfies and quick snaps of their food and friends with their cell phones. But the reality is, shooting real estate photographs is truly an art, and your cell phone just isn’t going to cut it. Yes, you can make do with dark dingy photographs, that are aligned properly and have blown out windows because you didn’t expose the images properly, but showing photos like that in your listings makes you look like you are simply a ‘make do’ kind of person, as opposed to an ‘I’m going to do the best job I possibly can’ kind of person.

The next time you are trying to win a listing, instead of automatically jumping in with a discounted commission rate, show the client a portfolio of your previous listings that contain excellent photography, videography and even virtual tours, and you will be surprised at how many selling customers who want a quick sale would prefer to have someone who is preferred to move heaven and earth to find the right buyer.

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