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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we find out your availability?

The easiest way to do this is online. Simply click on the Book Now item in the menu and you’ll be taken to our Scheduling page. On the first tab that you see, you’ll be able to let us know what day the home is available from and a timeframe that you would like us to be at the property. You will then be shown a range of available times and dates to select from. If a time and date is shown, it means we’re currently available. But do keep in mind that we get bookings throughout the day, so if you leave the page and then come back to book later, we won’t be able to guarantee that another agent won’t have taken the slot in the meantime.

Do I own the Copyright of the images or video?
No, the ownership of the images and video remains with us. We do however give you a license to use them to market the property in any way you wish, up to the point of sale. And you can use the images to market yourself at any point in time.

What you cannot do, however, is to sell, give or lend the photographs to anyone else, other than through MLS syndication, without our explicit permission, which must be given in writing.

If you wish to have take ownership of the full copyright, you should let us know, so that we can charge the appropriate fee to relinquish our rights. Most agents do not want to own the copyright, since once the house has been sold the photographs tend to be of no use to the agent.

What should I do if I see another agent using photographs that I have purchased from you in another listing?
Simply get in touch and send us a link where you see the ‘stolen’ image. We will then do the rest. We have a zero-tolerance policy of unauthorized usage of photographs that we have taken for other agents, and feel it’s unfair when agents feel it’s their right to use images that others have paid for.
Do you offer a guarantee?
Absolutely! If you are not happy with the photographs for any reason after seeing the proofs, as long as you don’t download any of them to your hard-drive, then we will refund your payment to you within 24 business-hours. However, if you download any images to your hard-drive, then we cannot provide any refunds, since we no longer have control over that unwatermarked image, and cannot guarantee that you will not use it in some way.
What happens if I have to cancel the booking?
You can cancel up to 48 hours prior to the booking time and get an immediate refund of the fees paid. If you cancel 24-48 hours prior to the booking time, we will not refund the payment, but we will send you a coupon code to the full-value of the fee paid so you can use it towards your next booking. If you cancel on the same day as the booking, then you will obviously forfeit the payment, since the blocked time slot would have prevented other agents from booking it and we do not accept same-day bookings.
What timeframe should I expect to get my photographs back?

We guarantee to get your photographs back to you by the end of the following business day. Our business days are from Monday to Saturday. So if we photograph for you on Saturday, it means you’ll get the edited photographs back to you on Monday. We cannot give you a specific time for delivery as that would depend on how many properties we have photographed on the same day as yours. We do aim to edit as quickly as possible though, while maintaining the quality of the images.

What timeframe should I expect to get my video teaser back?
It will take up to 48 hours to have your video edited and returned. Videos take much longer to edit and render, and it takes many edits to get them done right. Once we’re happy with the video, we will return two links to you where you can download both an unbranded (MLS-friendly) version, and a similar version that is branded to you.
What timeframe should I expect my Matterport virtual tour back?
Once we have recorded the tour, we have to send it over to Matterport for them to process it and return it. Usually they are very good and we get them back within 24-hours, in which case we send the links over to you at the same time as we send your photographs. On the odd-occasion, when they’ve had technical difficulties, we have had to wait up to 48 hours to get the processed tour back. Should that happen, we will get the video back to you as soon as we receive it.
Will the photographer help to move items at the home to make sure the photographs look better?
You should not expect the photographer to be moving items around the home, and the home should be photo ready prior the photographer arriving. Each job is timed based on the service(s) booked, and once that job has completed, the photographer will leave to go to their next booking. Since each booking will have a specific appointment time scheduled, the photographer must leave on time. So if things have to be moved around the home while the photographer is there, it will leave less time for the pictures to be taken, which could result in inferior photographs or rooms being missed because of a lack of time.
What edits to photographs do you carry out as standard?
Like most good real estate photographers, we bracket our shots (i.e. take multiple snaps of each framed shot with different exposures and then blend them together to make one well exposed photograph). If the day we shoot is grey and overcast, we will change the sky to make it blue. We also edit out any estate agent signs that cannot be removed when our photographer goes to the property.

We do not make the grass greener or remove stains on the driveway/roof as standard. We can do those things for an additional fee after you’ve selected the images that you wish to use. That will obviously add time to the delivery and we may need an additional 24 hours to get those edits to you.

We do not advise you to have electric pylons and wires edited out, but if you request this, we will do it for you at an additional fee, and provide you with both the edited and unedited versions. Should you wish to use the edited version then you should know that it may go against MLS rules, and you will be doing so at your own risk.

Do I have to pay at the time of booking?
Yes, we ask for payment to confirm the booking and to block the time to prevent others from scheduling at the same time. In the past we’ve had agents who’ve scheduled appointments and prevented others from utilizing those times, only to find that some agents forget about the appointment, or cancel on the morning of the appointment without thought of the lost revenue that we’ve incurred. Since introducing the pay as you book policy we have not had a single agent forget about their appointment 🙂