Getting Your Home Photoshoot Ready

Selling your home is a process, and there are multiple steps along the way, each of which have to leave a positive impression with your prospective buyers to get them to the end goal. Taking photographs is just the beginning, and usually those photographs are what is going to give homebuyers their first impression of your property. You know the old saying…”you only get one chance to create a first impression”, well that is so true, and we hope the following tips will help you to create a good first impression, by providing advice on what you can do BEFORE your photographer arrives, so that he or she can provide the best possible photos that will make potential homebuyers want to take the time to come and visit your home in person.

General Information

  • Make sure your lights are working, we need to try and bring as much light as possible into darkened spaces to get the best results.
  • Surfaces should be cleaned including floors
  • De-clutter as much as possible


  • You should try to remove any “For Sale” signs that identify your realtor where possible, because shots on the MLS cannot display this information.
  • Hide those wheelie bins from the front of the property and clear any trash that may get into the shots. Although some photographers will take the time to try and hide things they don’t want others to see, you have to remember that the photographer is probably on a time schedule and has other appointments to get to, so they may not have the time to be moving things back and forth.
  • Clean the glass on your doors and windows if you can, so any smears don’t get into the shots.


  • Cut the grass, put the kids toys away and, most of all, clean up any mess in the yard that may have been left by your pets.
  • If you are going to leave the BBQ or Grilling plate out, make sure they are clean and have fresh coals. If this isn’t possible, then you may want to temporarily remove them so they don’t get into the shots.
  • Remove any unraveled hoses that may be in the garden.


  • We really want to create the illusion of space. You may have outgrown your house and find there isn’t enough space to put everything away, but if you can demonstrate to someone else that the house will provide enough space for them, then you are half way there. So with that being said, remove all items from your kitchen surface, e.g. kitchen roll, kitchen utensils, cooking gadgets, etc. If you need to hide them in your car during the shoot then do that.
  • Make sure your kitchen sink is empty, and remove any used sponges, dish cloths and kitchen towels. Also pick up and hide any kitchen floor mats that you might have.
  • Clean all surfaces, including any appliances that will remain on view.
  • Remove all the clutter, including kitchen magnets, from your refrigerator doors and on top of the fridge.


  • Remove all personal items, such as toothbrushes, sponges, loofahs, shower or shampoo bottles, etc.
  • Remove bathmats and floor mats.
  • Clean all surfaces, including mirrors.
  • If your floor tiles are shiny, then be sure to clean them so the shine does show through.

Living Room

  • Remove all photographs and painting that will identify the owners. The photographer may be able to remove or blur the face these in post production, but not every photographer offers that service.
  • Again, we want to create the illusion of space, so put away things like the TV remote controls & surface items that are easily moved such as magazines.
  • Clean all surfaces where applicable, such as cabinet tops, windows and mirrors.


  • Make the beds and plump the pillows. Try to use linen that compliments that decor of the rest of the room if you can.
  • Clothes and shoes hidden from sight
  • Clean all surfaces and windows
  • Hide all personal effects from surfaces and make sure all draws and cupboards can close shut.