Get a Short Movie Clip and Photographs of Your Roof

After the recent hurricane, our community has been left with so much cleanup to do before some of us are able to continue with a sense of normality in our lives again. Unfortunately for many they will never have the opportunity to have that same normalcy. And for others they are a long way from realizing that. However the reality is that we all need to move on as best we can and to rebuild. Part of that process is dealing with repairs to our homes and possibly making claims on our insurance.

The service that we are offering is eyes in the sky…

that is, we’ll take our drone up to and take photographs and provide you with a short video so you can see what is going on up there.

We are offering our services at the lowest price we possibly can, but we do invite you to reach out to other companies to compare prices before coming back to us if you need our service. We’d be happy to help you.

Disclaimer: A drone video is not going to guarantee there is no damage on your roof, and instead it will only reveal the most obvious damage. This service will not replace the services offered by professional roof inspectors or roofing companies.

Before You Hire Another Drone Pilot,
Make Sure…

They Are Licensed

By law, any company that is offering commercial drone services need to have the FAA issued Part 107 certificate. Ask to see their license if you are unsure.


They Are Insured

The last thing you want is to have more damage caused to your roof by a drone that crashes into it. You don’t want to be chasing the drone operator for damages caused by their uninsured drone.



It’s one thing flying a drone high in the sky, and another flying close to a house or around trees. Make sure the person you hire is experienced enough to avoid crashing the drone into your home.


(Once you email us we will send you an invoice. Payment of the invoice will finalize your place on the list).