Walkthrough Video

A professional video walkthrough is a great way for agents to quickly and easily bring a listing to life, helping potential buyers envision themselves living in the home. Professional cameras and drones capture these videos without just showing the house but also bringing in its surrounding neighborhood too.

In addition, while photos are of course necessary, they can be more powerful when combined with an engaging video tour that shows viewer exactly what the surroundings of the home look like – something no photograph can do on its own.

An example of a 2-minute video tour

Personalized Agent Introduced Walk-Through Videos

It is crucial for Real Estate Agents to market themselves as professionals and showcase the work they do. And that’s exactly why as a real estate agent you should going on video and introducing the walkthrough tours of your listings.

The more your face can be seen by potential buyers, means you are also opening up yourself to get more listings from those viewers who have a home to sell themselves.

You literally only have to be in the video in the beginning to make the introduction, and at the end to give a call to action. You’ll be surprised that after you do your first one, you will be less nervous about appearing on camera, and will always want to do them for future listings too.

An example of an agent-introduced video