Should I Order Aerial Photography for my Listing?

Should you add aerial photography or video to every listing? Believe it or not, so times it could be detrimental to your chances of successfully finding a buyer when you use aerial footage at the wrong times. In the video below, Jordan and Brandon of ListerPros explain the good times and bad times for choosing aerial photography and videography.

Video Transcription: “Hi, I’m Jordan. I’m Brandon. And today we’re gonna be talking about when you would want to use aerial photography and videography for your listing. So if starting off we’ll talk about why you wouldn’t want to use aerial photography. One, if you’re listing is on an extremely small lot, you may be doing yourself a disservice by doing aerial photography. A lot of times it looks kind of cramped and really close to other neighbors so I might actually kind of be a negative thing to do aerial photography on a property that has a very small lot.

Another reason would be you know nothing valuable in the surrounding area. No views, you know, like he was saying small lot, you don’t have that much to show off. So another reason why you probably wouldn’t want to use aerial video or photos is the roof is bad, you’re waiting on it to be repaired before you sell the home, so you don’t want to show off the top of the house.

Yeah absolutely I agree. There are some times where we do get aerial videos, we take aerial pictures and we come back and edit them and the top of the house looks all brown like there’s a bunch of dirt up there so it doesn’t necessarily help in selling the house. If that is the case it’s a good idea to have somebody up there and clean it off before you’re gonna be taking pictures from that high up.

So a couple of reasons of why you would want to use photos or aerial video is the size of the property. If you’ve got a large property to show off maybe acre or an acre and above it’s a great way to give a perspective of the size of the lot.

Absolutely. And not necessarily just the size of the lot. There is a lot of properties that have open spaces next to the lot that you kind of want to show off. Say there’s a nice green belt or there’s some great mountain views that are really is a selling point. You kind of got to just look at your property and say what it add value to my listing. If I had an aerial shot of this property.

Some of the other reasons why you would want to use drone video and photos as the shots of the community. You can show off surrounding businesses, parks, schools, anything that you may think will help sell your listing that is beneficial for the client or potential clients to to see the surrounding area.

Yeah, that and that’s a great reason to do an aerial video because a picture can only capture so much but you can kind of tie a video into their property. Maybe flying down the street where you can see the parks, the golf course, and it connects to the house so you kind of can see in relation to the house where the amenities of the neighborhood are.”

So if you’re not sure if aerial videographer and photography is right for your listing feel free to reach out to us we’ll be more than happy to take a look at the address and see if we think it would be a good fit for aerial photography. If you like this video please subscribe to our channel we’re going to be putting out more content out there. Adding value to you guys.