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Our main objective when planning the VIP club was to come up with a service that is so unique that it helps to differentiate the more active agents from those who only work the business in a part-time capacity, or who are more opportunistic and wait for listings to fall into their laps.

Here’s what you’ll get by being part of the ADM VIP Club…

Virtual Tours

Up to 3 FREE Matterport Virtual Tours

Yes, every month we will give you up to 3 Matterport virtual tours on listings that we photograph for you during that month.

Video Snippets

5 FREE Video Snippets

For every property we shoot for you, we’ll give you 5 quick unedited video clips for you to add to your social media posts.

Canva Editing

A FREE Canva Template

Adapt the templates for free using to promote your listing throughout the selling process. From COMING SOON to SOLD.

Unlimited Photo Download

Unlimited Selection of Photographs

When we photograph a home, we usually take more photographs than have been paid for. As a member you can download and use as many of the images as you like. No limits.

Single Property Websites

Single Property Website

All of the media we take for you at your listing will be presented on a single-page website that focuses only on that property – branded and unbranded versions provided.

Candid Photographs

Candid Photographs of You

If you are present at the time of shooting and would like to have some candid shots taken of you at the property – no problem! We’ll take up to 5 shots for you at no extra cost.


Below are some questions and answers that may help you to decide if the VIP Club is for you.

Is this a one-time fee or a monthly subscription?

To remain in the club you have to keep up with your monthly subscription fee. Whatever fee you pay when you join will remain the same until you decide to cancel. Should you subsequently cancel and then wish to return later on, the decision to allow you to return will depending on whether there are any vacancies or not (we are limiting the membership to 25 concurrent members), and you will have to pay the subscription as it stands on the day that you wish to re-join.

What happens if I don't use all my free Matterports in a month?

Any unused Matterport virtual tours will be lost. We have deliberately offered more free Matterport virtual tours than most agents will use each month, so we would expect the majority of agents not to use them all. If you do use them all and would like to purchase additional virtual tours then you can do so at our regular price.

Can I gift/sell some of my Matterport tours to my colleagues or other agents?

No, you can’t! This is strictly forbidden and all the free Matterport scans must be used inside listings that are in your own name. Anybody breaking this rule will be removed from the club.

Do you provide both branded and MLS-friendly media?

Yes, you will get two versions of the Matterports, so you can add one into the MLS without breaking their rules, and the other branded version can be used when you send out emails or promote your listing inside social media.

We also provide two versions of the single property website for the same reasons.

Do I have to join for a minimum period?

There is no minimum period, you can make your decision on a month-to-month basis and cancel at any time. If you cancel half way through the month we do not give pro-rata refunds, but you will continue to get all of the benefits of being in the club until the renewal date. If payment is not made on that date, you will cease to be a member and all benefits will stop. Your place in the club will also be opened up to another real estate agent to join if they wish.

Will my subscription fee ever go up?

Your subscription fee is grandfathered to be the same price as it was on the day you joined the club. The only time the fee will go up is if you leave for any reason and decide to come back later on.

Can I request a FREE scan without ordering photography or videography from ADM Photo & Video?

No, you can only use the free Matterport benefit at the time we are on the premises taking new photographs or recording video for your listing. We do not offer this free service for retrospective listings, or on listings where you’ve used another photographer or taken the photographs yourself.

What are the candid photographs?

These are professionally taken photographs that we will take of you at the listing so you can use them to help promote yourself and the property. No real need to plan anything, but we’ll photograph you at the front door, by the pool, holding a sign. Whatever you think you will need to get eyes on the listing.

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